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Dessin d'architecture (Banque d'épargnes)

Type :

Patrimoine mobilier (Patrimoine documentaire)

Variante(s) du titre :

  • Plan de la caisse d'économie de Notre-Dame

Région administrative :

  • Capitale-Nationale

Municipalité :

  • Québec

Date :

  • vers 1857 – (Production)

Classification :

  • Patrimoine documentaire > Objets de communication > Objet documentaire > Archives

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Caisse d'économie de Notre-Dame-de-Québec sise rue Saint-Jean. Divers croquis pour les marches et la porte d'entrée.

Numéro de l'objet :

  • Cote : P001,S6,P36

Lieu de production :

  • Amérique du Nord > Canada > Québec

Dimensions :

  • Largeur : 94 centimètre(s)
  • Longueur : 152 centimètre(s)

Inscription :

Gauche, haut: Two stone steps 15' broad and 4 1/2 ft long
Gauche, haut, sens inverse: Section of door steps, Floomig 2'; 1/2 of full size.; Joint
Gauche, bas: Two stone steps 12' broad and 3 ft long; Junction of wooden floor; Shop doors; Two stone steps 7 1/2' broad and 4 1/2' ft long
Gauche, bas, sens inverse: Banque; D'Épargnes; Feuille No 31
Centre, bas: Stone pavement; Of side walk
Droite, haut: Calculation; Of the required strength of the cast; Iron pilasters and stauncheons for the new; Sawing banler to be built in St John St.; To the joints run from gable to gable, the whole; Weight of the flooming is borne by those walls and the; Front wall has nothing but its own weight to bear.; Now the said front wall from top of iron pilasters upboard; Contains - deducting opening and allowing for wood work - say; 3060 cubic ft of masoring which at 160 lbs per cubic ft = 4896000 lbs.; Or including weight of iron ornoments and cornice say 500,000 lbs.; Or 225 tons nearly to be supported on 8 pilasters and stauncheores; Or say 28 tons to each pil. & staw. Now ... pied in ... tables; Page 162 - that a column of cast iron 11 inches diam and 1 inch thick and 12 ft.; Long will support 32 1/2 tons. Now ier of 11 inches = say 30 inches or area of col-; Equals say 30 square inches - but as that area is stronger in a circular and; Continuous shape than in the shape required - ... A / B - where A is the; Pilaster and B the stauncheore and to be on the safe side. I will allow; 1/3 more area or say 40 to 48 square inches. Now as the pilaster is 12 inches; Broad and the stauncheon behinds it 21 inches broad on deep and as; It must be stiffened with vibs each side to prevent it from war-; Ping in cooling and also to make it stronger as a support. There-; Fore I must make the thickers such that with the addition of; The vibs ... may from say 40 inches sup. of cross section as above stated.; Now 21' x 3/4' as per plans = 15 3/4' and 8 vibs each average 1 1/4 x 1/2 = 5' or say 20 3/4 in. sup; For area of stauncheon - and pilaster gises about 36 inches sup - so; Same thichness or say 15 inches sup or altogether about 36 inches sup-so; I require 4 in. sup. more and by making the body of the stauncheon; Say an inch thick ¿ trad of 3/4 as shorm on plans would produce; The desined area and some thing over. Two ther reason for making; My area a little more than if it were a column is that the lenght; In this case is 12 1/2 ft instead of 12 ft for which the weight the co-; Lumn will bear no calculated. Now as to the weight of the pilas-; Ter and column allowing for horizontal vibs etc say 48 inches sup of section; Or 1/3 of a ft in area x 12 1/2 ft high = 4 1/6 f cube x 454 1/2 = 1894 lbs or includend base and ca-; Pital say 5 cubic ft each x 454 1/2 = 2272 or say one ton each or 20 crots a 17/6 ¿ l 17.10. Again lea-; Ving the thickness as per plan - area = 36 in = 1/4 of a ft x 12 1/2 = 3 1/8 ft cube or with sauce allowonces for; Base and cap etc say 4; Four cutstone shop window sills, Cube ft = 16 crots which; 15 inches broad ¿ 18 inches high and 8 ft long, A 17.6 = l 13.12.8 or; Splithing say l 15.
Droite, bas: It the model for casting the pilas-; Ter etc be of pine which weight; Only about 40 lbs to the cubic ft or say; 1/11 of the weight of cast iron therefore; That the weight of cast iron may not; Exceed say 16 crots the weight of the; Model must not exceed 1/11 of 16. crots; Or say 163 lbs or in other words what-; Ever the model weighs the cast iron; Will weigh eleven times as much.; Commencé ce; Plan jeudi 27 Nov.; Travaillé 1/2 jours puis; Toute la journée du 28.; Puis la veillée depuis 6 heures; Du soir a 2 1/2 heures après mi-; Nuit ou 8 1/2 heures valent; Presque 1 1/2 journée d'ouvrage; Ou en tout 3 jours d'ouvrage; Inch les calculs du fer etc.
Verso, centre, haut, sens inverse: Banque

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Statut Catégorie Autorité Date
Classement Partie d'un document patrimonial Ministre de la Culture et des Communications 1979-08-31

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Region administrative :

  • Capitale-Nationale


  • Québec

Municipalité :

  • Québec

Arrondissement municipal :

  • La Cité

Adresse :

  • 350, rue Saint-Joseph Est

Localisation informelle :

Service du greffe et des archives de la Ville de Québec
Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy

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Gestionnaires des données :

Ville de Québec

Contributeur de données :

Service du greffe et des archives

Notices bibliographiques :

  • NOËL, Ginette, dir. et Annik FAUSSURIER. Inventaire analytique du Fonds Charles-Philippe-Ferdinand Baillairgé. Québec, Archives de la Ville de Québec / Archives nationales du Québec, 1981. 325 p.

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