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Plaque du Révérend Alexander Spark

Type :

Plaque commémorative

Région administrative :

  • Capitale-Nationale

Municipalité :

  • Québec

Objet de la commémoration :

  • Personnage

Thèmes commémoratifs :

  • Religion

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Texte de la plaque

The Reverend Alexander Spark D.D. Late Pastor of St. Andrew's Church in this City.

Born at Marvkirk in Scotland Jan. 16th, 1762. Educated at the University of Aberdeen. Died March 7, 1819.

In him were united, superior attainments in learning. With a prompt and decisive judgment. Unaffected and ardent piety. With a genuine urbanity of Manners. And unvaried fidelity in the discharge of his pastoral duties. With a humanity and integrity in private life which gave the most utmost weight to his public instructions. By his modest unafsuming but substantial and manly virtues, he secured the universal esteem of the inhabitants of Quebec, and its vicinity, his disconsolate widow. By erecting this monument has endeavoured to perpetuate the remembrance of those virtues, which the present generation never can forget.

Ex illo quod vidimus hic situm est. Quod dileximus miratique sumus. In quietem Domini intravit.

Langue :

  • Anglais
  • Latin

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